Everglades National Park, Pa-hay-okee Overlook, Mahogany Hammock, West lake, Flamingo, 11/23/2014

We saw a Blue-Gray Gnatchatcher on our way to Pa-hay-okee overlook.  On the Mahogany Hammock trail, we saw a Woodstork high up in the sky chased by two Turkey Vultures.  It kept on going in circles for severl minutes until TV gave up and flew away.  At Flamingo, we saw many White Pelicans, and  Egrets in the water (no photo.)  An Osprey made a nest on the tower above the visitor center, and was flying around near gift shop, and  the parking lot.  An American Crocodile was sleeping at the boat deck near the gift shop as well.  We saw a Roseate Spoonbill fly by when eating lunch at the cafe, but couldn’t take a picture.   On our way out of Flamingo, stopped by Eco Pond and greeted by a Turkey vulture.  He/She was coming towards us.

It was a hot day for November, (87 degree), and there was some mosquitoes.

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