Wintering Waterfowl trip with Stephanie, Alviso EEC & Charleston Slough 1/31/2015

I participated in the Wintering Waterfowl birding trip with Stephanie.  We met at Don Edward EEC in Alviso first, and later moved to Charleston Slough.    We sew many Northern shovelers, Gadwall, Canada geese, etc on the board walk, and on our way back to the parking lot, sew beautiful Cinnamon Teals and Green-winged teals in Artisan Slough.  It was exciting to see the males in their breeding plumage.

I happened to take the pictures of a small bird with yellow bird.  I wonder what it was.  Meadow lark?

Artisan Slough near the EEC building.

We drove to Terminal blvd. parking lot around 3:30.  Casey Forebay and Charleston Slough near Terminal blvd.  We sew Green-winged Teal.   This time, I was able to capture bright green patch, and pale buffy streak femal teal.  Then, someone spotted Canvasbacks resting in Charleston Slough.   Stephanie said it is rare to see them there.  It was low tide, and many shore birds were having dinner.  Marbled Godwits were particularly working hard with their faces in mud to looking for food.  Their faces were so muddy!  American Avocets were sweeping bills from side to side.  Stephanie said they were catching small invertebrates.    Some of them had beige neck.  (I guess getting ready for breeding?)


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