Sunnyvale WPCP ponds, 2/01/2015

Inspired by the walk with Stephanie, I went birding again on Sunday to Sunnyvale WPCP ponds hoping to take pictures of birds in breeding plumage.

We went around the small pond on the other side of Pond A4.   At the end of the small channel,  we found a snowy egret  with lacy plumes. (Adult breeding.)



Then, at the small treatment pond, we sew Mallards and Northern Shovelers in their beautiful plumage.

We also sew a raptor flying over the marsh next to Guadeloupe Slough.  Based on the white upper tail coverts and the owl-like face, I think it is an adult female Northern Harrier.

On our way back, a greater yellow leg.

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One Response to Sunnyvale WPCP ponds, 2/01/2015

  1. Paul Randall says:

    I agree on the Northern Harrier female. I saw one in Galveston last weekend.

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