Sunnyvale WPCP ponds, 3/04/2015

I love going on the SCVAS birding trips.  I get to see a lot more birds than I go for a walk on my own.

I wouldn’t have discovered this Burrowing Owl totally blended into the ground!

(It was on the hill next to the canal towards Caribbean Drive.)


After that, the leader spotted Kestrel on top of the tower.  (I couldn’t get a good shut…)


We heard a lot of birds in the marsh on the way to the east pond.  I was able to take pictures of a sparrow ( I think it is House Sparrow), Marsh Wren, and Common Gallinule. (Common Moorhan on the book.)




We heard Sora calling, but couldn’t see it.   In February we sew may Green-wingled teals near here, but this time sew only one.


We also sew Rudy duck (The leader said their bill will turn blue in a couple of months.) and a Robin.



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