Barn Swallows, Snipes, Killdeer Eggs (Sunnyvale WPCP ponds, April 1st, 2015)

Barn swallows are back!

They move way too fast for me to take pictures, but there was one resting on the wire.

DSC_0097The pond between West pond and Mofett Channel where we saw many Grebes, and ducks in March was very quiet today, although we were able to see many Northern Shovelers in the west pond behind the flowers.DSC_0098 However, we heard Marsh Wrens and Finches, chirping, and some people sew Yellow Rumped Warblers in marshes.  A Gold Crowned Sparrow was there, too.


A jogger kindly told us he sew a killdeer and her eggs on Bay Trail, so we turned around and walked on bay trail toward Mountain view, and a Snowy Eaglet landed right in front of us!


And, there were four Snipes in an island in the bond on the left side of Bay trail.  I woundn’t have notice the bird without my fellow birders!DSC_0113

There they are! The Killdeer eggs were right on the trail!  I hope they survive.  So many people walking by without noticing them.   I hope they don’t get run over by bicycles and joggers.


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