Birding at Stevens Creek County Park 4/4/2015

We started birding at Chestnut Parking lot, walked along Stevens Creek for four hours.  I heard a lot of birds, and saw them moving around in trees, but it was very difficult for me to spot them, and take pictures.  There were quite few “experts” in the group, and they would find the birds, tell us where to look, and some of them would set their scope up for us to get a good look of the birds.  I was touched with their kindness.

Here are pictures of birds stayed in one place long enough for me.

1.  Acon Woodpeckers.  I guess the top one is adult male.



There are three Acorn woodpeckers in this photo.  People were excited to see Hairy woodpeker, but it flew away before I took this photo.DSC_0016


House Wren.  On the photo on the right, you can see her mouth open.


Western Blue bird (Adult Male and Adult Female.)


Song Sparrow


We also sew Stellar’s Jay, Red-breasted sapsucker, Black-headed Grosbeak, as wells as juncos, lessor gold finches, yellow rumped warblers.  Experts heard many more birds, but I couldn’t even remember the names.

Wild Flowers!




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