Robinson Preserve & Lido beach, Florida

We went to visit Bob’s mother who lives in a assisted living facility in Sarasota, Florida.  She spends most of her days taking naps, and we couldn’t just sit there and watch her sleep, so decided to go to Lido Beach.    Instead of walking on the beach, we did the nature walk this time.  Soon after we left the parking lot, we heard a bird calling loudly, looked up the tree in front of us, and found an Osprey!DSC_0092

On Friday, since the it was nice and cloudy (not too hot), Bob’s sister took us to Robinson Preserve in Bradenton.  It is a beautiful place which reminded me of Evergrades, but right next to a residential area, so many people were there jogging, bicycling and walking.  We also saw some people in canoes.

DSC_0119DSC_0118 Cooper’s Hawk (I think…  It could be Sharp-shinned Hawk). DSC_0133

From the top of the tower overlooking the lake, we saw an white ibis flying over the lake.  DSC_0145

The trail took us to a small beach facing Tampa Bay, and there, we saw a Woodpecker working heard.  I believe it is Red-Bellied Woodpeker. (The red is extending on the crown, so I guess it is an Adult male.)DSC_0148-2



Some kind of Dove.  Mourning dove?  I can’t see the spots…DSC_0168

White Ibis.  The brown one is juvenile I believe.DSC_0170 DSC_0172

Red-winged Blackbird. Adult Male.  He was calling loudly.DSC_0178

Osprey nest.DSC_0184

Northern Mockingbird.  I start to recognize his song.DSC_0177A white butterfly stayed still long enough for me!


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