Plumas Eureka SP, Memorial Day Weekend 2015

On the Memorial Day Weekend, we went camping at Plumas Eureka State Park, a little North of Lake Tahoe.   It was cold and cloudy when we arrived on Saturday, and started to rain when we were having dinner.  It cleared up on Sunday, so we went hiking.  We did Grass lake–Jamison Lake-Wade Lake loop from the campground, and walked 7.4 miles.

It was a moderate hike up to Jamison Lake, except I was carrying my new telephoto lens and tripod on my back.  Coming down from Wade lake was hard because the trail was rocky, and steep.   We met some day hikers and backpackers traveling with dogs, the trail was very quiet.  We didn’t see too many birds, but I enjoyed listening to the silence waiting for the birds to sing.DSC_0103

At Grass lake, we saw some Bufflehead  swimming and flying, and Canada Goose on the other shore of the lake.  Brewer’s Black birds were singing loud on the shrub by the lake,

DSC_0099-2 DSC_0104 DSC_0124

At Jamison Lake, we saw some swallow looking birds flying, but couldn’t take any pictures.  The lake was totally quiet except for some hikers having lunch.

DSC_0128 DSC_0105

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