Tule Lake Refuge 7/6/2015

After Lower Klamath Lake, we went to Tule Lake Refuge.  We wanted to do the auto tour, but when we got there, we discovered it is a gravel road, and Bob didn’t want to drive on it with our RV, so we drove on the paved road.  We didn’t see much until we got to the wild life over look.  but we heard “birds” when we arrived at the first wild life overlook.  From there, we were able to go near the water.  There were thousands of birds, but they were too far away to capture on Camera.



Then, a dark colored Ibis flew by us.




Later, I found the bird eating together with least Sandpipers on the ground.  I guess the big brown-green bird is “White-faced Ibis.DSC_0111


In the canal near by, I this beautiful Western Grebe was swimming all by him/her self.


I think this one was in the main pond.  I don’t see the stars, but can this be  European Starling?DSC_0099

I zoomed in as much as possible to the birds in the middle of the pond.  Based on the color and their hairdos, I think they are Eard Grebes, in their Breeding plumage.DSC_0092

A close up shot of lessor Sandpipers.CSC_0122


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