Hikes Near Mt. Shasta 7/3-7/5/2015

On July 3rd, after the Cinder hike, we left Lassen National Park and drove to McCloud about 10 miles east of Mt. Shasta City, and camped in the McCloud RV resort for 3 nights.  The resort was completely full with not much space between RVs, but it was nice to have electricity to use AC and watch TV.

On July 4th, we drove up to Panther Meadows, and hiked up to Gray Butte.  It was a nice easy hike, and at the Butte, we were able to have a very intimate view of Mt. Shasta, and a distant view  of Castle Crags.   We drove up to the Old Ski Bowl before heading to Shasta City.

  • Mt. Shasta from Gray Butte
  • Castel Crags
  • Mt Shasta form the Old Ski Bowl.
  • Gray Butte from the Old Ski Bowl.
  • Our RV (Freelander 19cb) at Old Ski Bowl parking lot.

After that, we went to do the river walk by McCloud River, but it was so crowded, we didn’t go all the way down to the water fall.

On July 5th, we drove to Castle Lake and hiked up to Heart Lake.  Both lakes were beautiful!!  We had hard time finding the trail head, and walked half way around Castle Lake before starting the hike.  The trail was not marked clearly, and we thought we may be lost, but some how managed to find Heart Lake.

Heart Lake, Heart Lake with Mt. Shasta, Pond behind Heart Lake, Castle Lake from the ridge near Heart Lake.


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