Three Sisters & McKenzie Pass 7/8 -7/9/2015


I wanted to see the Three Sisters ever since I read “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed, and it finally came true when we were driving on HWY 20 from Bend, OR.  We camped at Cold Spring Campground on HWY 242, and did a 6 mile loop hike covering South Matthieu Lake and  North Matthieu Lake.  I couldn’t capture all the beauty, but this hike was amazing.  We walked through a nice forest, saw several snow covered peaks, an endless lava field, and swam in ice cold alpine lake!  What more can we ask for?  This trail overlaps with the PCT , so we met some pct hikers, a couple walking from Mt. Baker to Mt. Hood, and a solo female hiker walking to Ashland OR.

After the hike, we drove on Hwy 242 to McKenzie Pass.  So much lava!


The following day, we wanted to do an easy hike, so we chose “Hand Lake Shelter-Old Wagon Road” hike.

We walked to Hand Lake, going to swim there, but there was hardly any water, so we kept walking to Old Wagon road.  It’s amazing someone actually made a road in the middle of the lava field.   This hike turned out to be too easy, so we kept on walking and ended up going all the way to Benson Lake walking 10-11 miles all together.  The trail was beautiful and quiet, but we were welcomed by many hungry mosquitoes.  (I couldn’t stop to take pictures!)


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One Response to Three Sisters & McKenzie Pass 7/8 -7/9/2015

  1. Clean Spirit says:

    I have only seen Three Sisters from afar and have yet to hit them — looking forward to it after this post! Thanks for sharing.

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