Mt. Hood, Lost Lake & Columbia Gorege Area 7/14-16

After the McKenzie River area, we headed north, and reached Lost Lake on July 14th.  The water was not too cold, so we were finally able to swim.  (Clear Lake was way too cold.  Paulina Lake had too many fishing boats..).  We also rented a paddle boat, and paddled for an hour toward Mt. Hood, but it was windy, so stayed pretty much in a same place.  it was a workout, but we had fun.   The campground was very nice, and very well managed.  There was a nice trail around the lake with benches at scenic spots.  On July 15th, we hiked up to Lost Lake Butte where we had a close up view of Mt. Hood.  It was a little hazy, but Mt. Adams and some other snow covered peaks were visible as well.

Birds seen at Lost Lake Butte     I think the bird on the tree is Cedar Waxing.  The end of the tail is Yellow, and there the tips of the wings are red!   The one flying hthias white stripe on its wings, so I   guess it is Common Nighthawk…

On July 16th, we moved to Eagle Creek Campground.  It is a beautiful campground, but , our campsite was right above Hwy 84, and railroad track, so we couldn’t sit outside our RV because of the traffic noise.  We woke up the following day, hiked the Eagle Creek Trail, and moved to Beacon Rock State Park on the Washington side of Columbia river.

Eagle Creek Trail was very crowded and dusty.  Canyons were beautiful with moss covered cliffs and rocks,  but perhaps because of the drought, you can see the moss had dried up and turned brown.  The water falls were a kind of small, too….

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