Hurricane Ridge & Dungeness Spit, July 18-21/2015

The last stop for our July trip was the Olympic Peninsula.  We camped at the Dungeness Recreation Area Campground and  visited Port Townsend, Sequim, Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge.  What a beautiful area!  There were a lot of “Oh Wow!” moments, but I started to observe those moments without trying to grasp them with my camera.  There is no way I can capture all the magnificence of nature…But I’m glad I took some pictures because they bring back those moments to me.

Pictures from Hurricane Ridge:

When we drove into Sequim and first saw the Olympic mountains, I was surprised how little snow the mountains had on their peaks.  A ranger at the visitor center at Hurricane Ridge said they didn’t have much snow in the winter.  He didn’t know if it was due to global warming or not.  The snow may come back the next year, but the glacier is getting smaller and smaller every year for sure.

From the visitor center, we did a loop trail covering Overlook, Cirque Rim Trail,  Sunrise Point, and High Ridge trail.  It was a nice clear day, and we were able to see Victoria, Canada from the overlook!

A picture taken when walking on Dungeness Spit:


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One Response to Hurricane Ridge & Dungeness Spit, July 18-21/2015

  1. Such a cool area, I was just there!

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