Lake Ozette & Ozette triangle Loop May 1-3, 2016

This year, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted for my birthday, so we decided to  do a camping trip to the north western part of Olympic National Park.   On the first day, we camped at Lake Ozette.  We thought the camp site would be empty on a Sunday night, but all 15 sites were occupied by 7:00 P.M.  Nonetheless, it was very, very quiet.  We arrived around 4:00 PM, and got a nice site by the lake.  We debated whether to do a hike right away, but decided to just sit by our RV instead.  It was very nice.  I enjoyed listening to the birds, watching the swallows fly around, and feeling the breeze.  Ever since we moved to Washington, we have been busy fixing the house, and cleaning our yard, and haven’t had time like this for a long time.

  1. Barn Swallow (Female)


2. Barn Swallow (Male)DSC_0161

3) Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Non-Breeding)DSC_0175

The next day, we hiked 9,4 miles on the Ozette Loop   We first walked through the forest to Cape Alva and from there, we walked toward Sand Point on the beach.  The “beach” was very rocky and at times, it was like canyoning.


The beach got sandy as we approached Sand Point, and we started to notice birds.

Bold Eagle


Least SandpiperDSC_0205

Semipalmated plover (juvenile?)


Whimble (First time I saw this bird.)



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