Orange Beach, Alabama! (May 11-13, 2016)

We went to visit my niece who recently moved to Baton Rouge, LA from Chiba, Japan.  On our way there, we drove 4 hours in the opposite direction to have a mini vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama.  My in-laws lived in Sarasota FL, and we have been visiting there for last several decades, and I came to love the Gulf of Mexico, warm humid, air and white Sandy beaches. Now my in-laws are gone, and family reunions aren’t planned there anymore, but we missed the Gulf of Mexico, so we decided to check out Orange beach because it was relatively close to New Orleans.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Orange beach is less built up than the Sarasota beaches, and has very nice restaurants. We had emerald green water, white sand, good food, and felt very nourished.DSC_0013Driving from  New Orleans,  we stopped for lunch at Ralph and Kacoo’s, near Mobile.  The restaurant is on an island in Mobile Bay, so water many birds were flying by.


Brown Pelicans (Bleeding Adult) and Laughing Gulls (Bleeding Adult)DSC_0008 DSC_0010Red-winged Blackbird (Male)

At Orange beach, we had fun watching flocks of Sanderling running back and forward busily chasing waves.


I saw an osprey dive into the water, and go up high up in the sky.  It looks like he/she caught a fish!DSC_0018

On the last day there, we saw this from our hotel balcony.  Dolphin?


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