Winter Roadtrip 2016-3: Mohave National Preserve

After Joshua Tree, we headed northeast to the area bordering Arizona, Nevada, and California to avoid driving through LA traffic and its smog, and camped at Mohave National Preserve before making our way home to Washington.

We first went to the “Hole-in-the-wall” information center, and did the Rings Loop Trail, recommended by the camp host there.  It was a nice short walk.  The scenery may not be as photogenic as that of National parks, but we enjoyed the solitude, blue sky and warm weather.  Toward the end of the loop, we came to very steep and narrow section where one needs to climb up using the rings on the rock.  It was fun!

Rings Loop Trail


We were going to camp at the Hole-in-the-wall campground, but the person at the information center told us about the road side camping near Kelso Dunes, so we drove 30 miles.  About half of the drive was on a dirt road, so it seemed to take forever.  We were told we can camp where fire rings are, so we kept driving and finally found one past the the Kelso Dunes trail head.  The road side camping was nice.  You can enjoy wilderness from co mfort of your RV!

Kelso Dunes & Roadside camping


Can you see our rv?dsc_0369

Teutonia Peak Trail

On the way out of the Mohave National Preserve, we hiked to Teutonia Peak.  It is a nice hike with tall Joshua trees, expansive views of the desert, and some scrambling near the peak.

dsc_0395 dsc_0413 dsc_0402 dsc_0410



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