Sooty Grouse & Northern Flicker on Icicle Ridge Trail

We went camping/hiking at Leavenworth, Washington Area on May 1-3.  On May 2,  we hiked the Icicle Ridge trail.  It was a steep trail, but I enjoyed the view and the crisp air.  

Midway into the hike, we heard deep sounds from the wooded area, so we looked around, and Bob pointed out a large Sooty Grouse siting on a log.  It was dark, and I couldn’t see clearly, but my camera captured one of his air sacs, and his beautiful eyebrows.  What an amazing bird!

There were many birds flying around at the top.  They flew too fast for me to take pictures, but a pair of Northern Flickers landed on a dead tree .


Oh.. Some Wild flowers were blooming, too.

People we met on the Icicle Ridge trail strongly recommended  the Icicle Gorge Nature Loop , so we did it the following day.  It was indeed a beautiful trail with rumbling rapids, tall trees (Ceders, Firs, Spruce and Ponderosa pines, etc), and views of snow covered peaks.  In the forest, there was a lot of snow on the ground, and wild flowers were blooming in the sunny area.


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