Rocky Mountain National Park

After the Pagosa Folk’ N Bluegrass Festival, we went home via Rocky Mountain National Park, Wind Cave national Park, Mt. Rushmore, and the Badlands.

At Rocky Mountain National Park, we camped at Glacier Basin Campground.

The following day, we hiked to the Lock.

On the way, we stopped briefly at Alberta Falls.  the mist was so nice.

The Lock was breath taking, but it was so windy, we couldn’t relax.

On the way back from the Lock, we met young hikers at a trail juction to Mills lake.  He told us the trail has snow, but it is a “must see” lake, so we went.

Mills lake was indeed beautiful, and a little less windy, but clouds were moving in so we couldn’t stay there too long.  When we returned to the Glacier Basin campground, it was so windy, we could’t sit outside.  That night, it got  so windy that it kept us up almost all night long.   In the morning,  blue skies were back, and the wind had died down, so we hiked to Sprague Lake.  We didn’t have to hike long, but it was still beautiful.  Quite a few people were fly fishing, and birds were flying around those fishermen.

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