Red-Throated Loon (Non breeding) and American Wigeon at Fay Bainbridge Park

The weather suddenly cleared up this afternoon, so we headed to Fay Bainbridge Park with my new camera.  The resident Bald Eagles were not home, but I was able to capture a picture of a red-throated Loon and some American Wigeons.   This Red throated Loon was swimming near the shore today .  E-bird says, in summer,  breeding adults have grey heads and red throats.  

American Wigeon

Two adult breeding males and two females hanging out at Fay.

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My front yard in a raindrop

It is almost April, but it is still cold, and rainy here in the Northwest.  I hear the arrival of the spring is super late this year, but we started see the signs it is finally coming.   My maple trees have buds now.

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Winter Roadtrip 2016-3: Mohave National Preserve

After Joshua Tree, we headed northeast to the area bordering Arizona, Nevada, and California to avoid driving through LA traffic and its smog, and camped at Mohave National Preserve before making our way home to Washington.

We first went to the “Hole-in-the-wall” information center, and did the Rings Loop Trail, recommended by the camp host there.  It was a nice short walk.  The scenery may not be as photogenic as that of National parks, but we enjoyed the solitude, blue sky and warm weather.  Toward the end of the loop, we came to very steep and narrow section where one needs to climb up using the rings on the rock.  It was fun!

Rings Loop Trail


We were going to camp at the Hole-in-the-wall campground, but the person at the information center told us about the road side camping near Kelso Dunes, so we drove 30 miles.  About half of the drive was on a dirt road, so it seemed to take forever.  We were told we can camp where fire rings are, so we kept driving and finally found one past the the Kelso Dunes trail head.  The road side camping was nice.  You can enjoy wilderness from co mfort of your RV!

Kelso Dunes & Roadside camping


Can you see our rv?dsc_0369

Teutonia Peak Trail

On the way out of the Mohave National Preserve, we hiked to Teutonia Peak.  It is a nice hike with tall Joshua trees, expansive views of the desert, and some scrambling near the peak.

dsc_0395 dsc_0413 dsc_0402 dsc_0410



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Winter Roadtrip 2016-2: Joshua Tree National Park-Cottonwood Area

I loved the Cottonwood campground.  There was hardly anyone there, and we were able to find a campsite where you can see the Sunset, and stars from our windows at night.  It was sunny and warmer, and there were quite few birds chirping all over the campground.

We birded at the campground, and did the three-mile loop trail to Mastodon Peak.  Beautiful!!

Cactus Wrendsc_0071

 Le Conte’s Thrasherdsc_0078  Black-throated Sparrowdsc_0254


Out of focus, but is this Female, Ladder-backed Woodpecker?  All about birds says, “A small black-and-white woodpecker of the southwestern United States and Mexico that forages and nests in cactus.”


Trails to  Mastodon Peak

dsc_0191Mastodon Minedsc_0214   Amazing plants!dsc_0237

Cottonwood Spring Oasisdsc_0244

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Winter Roadtrip 2016-2: Joshua Tree National Park

1. Black Rock Canyon Area

After driving through California for two days, we arrived at the Black Rock Canyon campground around 4:00 P.M on day four of our trip.  Finally, it was sunny, warm, and DRY!  Black Rock Canyon campground was nearly empty with just 4-5 campers.    The following morning, we did the Black Rock Canyon+Panorama loop trail.

Joshua trees

dsc_0099 dsc_0084

Fog or smog?  Rolling in… dsc_0081

dsc_0107  dsc_0106

California Scrub-Jay on a Yucca tree

2. Jumbo Rock Campground area

After the Panorama Loop hike, we moved on to the Jumbo Rocks campground.  It is a beautiful campground with amazing rock formations, and a lot more people were camping there. Early the next morning, we did the Skull Rock nature trail which started right by our campsite, and continued on to Face Rock Loop.



After the hike, we headed south east to the Cottonwood campground stopping at the Cholla Cactus Garden and Ocotillo Patch on the way.

3.  Cholla Cactus Garden

dsc_0156 dsc_0160

4. Ocotillo Patch dsc_0170


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Winter 2016 Road trip-1: Harris Beach State Park, Oregon

I love rain, but it rained way too much in October and November in Bainbridge Island.   Moss started to grow on our RV, and it was time for us to dry out.   We headed south to the coast.   It was raining pretty much for two days, but cleared up when we approached Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, Or.  It was nice and sunny the following day, so we camped two nights there.


Wrentit  (photo credit: Bob)dsc_0018

Black Oystercatcher


When waves come in, they run away, and chase the waves when they go out.


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Northern Pintails @ Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge

On the way back from Ocean Shores, we stopped at Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge.  It is a small refuge right next to an air strip, but according to the brochure, a lot of shore birds stop there during migration.  The board walk took us to this view.  Hundreds of Northern Pintails, and Mallards were swimming there.

dsc_0259 dsc_0256

Three adult females and two adult males in the breeding plumage with a white neck-stripe, white breast and long black tail.


All of the Northern Pintails suddenly took off.  (The Mallards stayed….)

dsc_0248 Song Sparrowdsc_0263

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